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Working Apprenticeship - 24 weeks of combining learning animal training and business courses, while working for the school forty hours (20 training animals, 20 doing other related day-to-day work) a week in exchange for your education.

Attending classes, private lessons and weekend seminars will allow you to learn while working in the very industry you wish to be a part of. Learn at your own pace and work up to feeling comfortable running your own group class independently. Conducting a private lesson on your own will come more easily as you will have ample time to watch and learn until your own comfort level is reached. Boarding and training dogs will give you the chance to transition a dog’s learning while also teaching the two legged family members what to do. This program is available twice yearly and provides more opportunities to learn a broader spectrum of the industry basics. Lodging, phone and utilities are included and as a bonus you walk out with $100 in your pocket each week!

Tuition and *Lodging - $3600.00 plus $500 damage deposit.

Student Quarters
Our Student Quarters

Hobby Apprenticeship - 12 weeks (five days on, one and two days off - more or less) of full immersion animal training on site. Watch two to three series of classes and help teach classes of your own as you get more confident. Help train three to six groups of dogs with various behavior issues and training needs while in the boarding environment. Help with training the kids in the local 4-H club, the local shelters and learn health needs from veterinarians. Observe and learn how to conduct your own private one-on-one consultations with confidence and knowledge. Lodging, phone and utilities are included!

Tuition & *Lodging - $4100.00 plus $500 damage deposit. .

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Professional Apprenticeship- 24 weeks of full immersion animal training and business courses. Five and a half days on and one and half days off requires on site living.

Watch six to nine group classes from start to finish while also conducting your own classes as you obtain more experience. After your initial twelve weeks, you will be eligible to earn money from your training. Help in the training of six to nine groups of boarding dogs with various behavior problems and training goals.

Learn how to conduct your own private one-on-one consultations, including intake procedures and behavior assessments with self-assurance and knowledge. Learning telephone skills, interview tips, office management, advertising and marketing are also topics covered in the Professional Apprenticeship program. Lodging, phone and utilities are included!

Tuition and *Lodging - $8500.00 plus $500 damage deposit.

Tuition and lodging fees must be paid in full within 48 hours of starting your desired course.

For your convenience, we accept VISA and MasterCard as well as certified checks and money orders.

*Lodging comes furnished and requires a $500 damage deposit which will be returned upon the completion of courses when the student graduates and leaves accommodations clean, still fully furnished, in good repair and in the same condition as it was upon arrival day.

There are additional costs of $25 / week if you choose to bring a pet (maximum one pet).