Terena Thomas

Terena Thomas, CPDT-KA Pink Arrows Pointing Right
Owner and Head Trainer

Since 1986 Terena has pioneered humane, and effective training without fear, intimidation, or pain for all species. She has more than two decades of experience running the Canine Country School and the Animal Behavior Academy.

See Terena's Bio and Resume.

Tyler Thomas

Tyler ThomasPink Arrows Pointing Right
Trainer and Caregiver

Tyler is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. He has the confidence of a tested field medic to know when and how to act in an emergency and deal with the medical and nutritional needs of animals here at the school. He has extensive skills in managing groups of dogs to promote harmony, joy, and fun.

Trevor Thomas

Trevor ThomasPink Arrows Pointing Right
Trainer and Caregiver

Trevor has had a variety of companion animals most of his life and he loves working with them. He knows how to keep animals safe and happy with plenty of exercise and clear leadership. His intuitive, gentle spirit and dedication to animals have helped him become successful in the animal industry.


BandyPink Arrows Pointing Right
Private Consultant

Bandy is so versatile and adept at a number of things including, office work, animal husbandry, management, research, shuttle driver, etc. She is a lifetime livestock and companion animal owner and knows how to keep animals safe and happy. Bandy's energetic and fun nature lifts the entire school a notch whenever she is here.


JuliePink Arrows Pointing Right

Julie is a librarian at a nearby school district. She joins us during the summer and busy times throughout the year. She enjoys competing with her dogs and training people and dogs to compete successfully. We are lucky to have her as a positive trainer.

Jacquie Tannenbaum

Jacquie TennenbaumPink Arrows Pointing Right
Consulting Manager

Jacquie is a Denver native who specializes in online marketing. She is president of both the Roaring Fork Kennel Club and Heeling Partners, the pet therapy group serving the Roaring Fork Valley. She and her dogs join us a few days a week to lend a helping hand to dog management, client communications and technical skills.

Ryan H.

Ryan H.Pink Arrows Pointing Right

Ryan is our young laborer that balances high school with an hour or two of daily property maintenance and manure management. The grounds are neat and tidy, and the animals are safe and sanitary because of his diligence and dedication.

Lyndsey Mosso

Lyndsey MossoPink Arrows Pointing Right

Lyndsey is patient, kind, loving and a great trainer with good instincts and timing. Her young energy and enthusiasm for training animals is infectious. She helps the business run more efficiently and makes sure all of the training, husbandry and welfare needs of our animals are met.