The School with a Heart
Black Dog Behind Bars

Think outside the bars! Dogs don't learn anything behind bars. We keep them learning fast in a home environment.

The unique aspect about the Animal Behavior Academy is that we are the only school in the country that offers on-site housing, in a kennel-free, painless animal training environment. We keep our student dogs in a home environment where they feel loved and relaxed enough to learn without stress. The only place you’ll find a choke chain or shock collar is in our history class! We use only all natural products to care for our animals.

Our award-winning Master Trainers are skilled at teaching animals and humans. They offer you an exciting path to a great career!

With backgrounds from various fields including Pet Store Owners, Mule Trainers, Lion Tamers, College Professors, Veterinarians, and PhDs - you can be assured that you will receive the highest level of education from outstanding instructors ready to help you with lots of individual attention.

Dog Boarding in Our Home.